6 Weeks – 12 Months

Darling Buds Nursery Buttercups 6 Weeks - 12 Months

At Darling Buds Nursery, we understand that young children develop and grow at a very rapid pace during their first 12 months. They learn to gain control of their muscles, develop skills in moving their hands, limbs and head to help them become mobile and gain the ability to handle and manipulate toys.

Babies learn from the moment they are born. Even before they say their first word they are learning about language by listening to people talk, and are especially interested when it involves them and their daily lives. For this reason, we practice sensitive care-giving, which responds to children’s growing understanding and emotional needs to help build secure attachments to special people such as parents, family members and carers.

Regular yet flexible routines help young children gain a sense of order and to anticipate events, while a wide variety of experiences – that involve all the senses – encourages learning and an interest in the environment.

The baby room is located on the first floor and caters for 12 babies aged between 0-12 months. the room is divided into 2 playrooms which include a wet/messy area and a carpet area for quieter activities and a calm relaxing sleep area. We have cots and clean bedding available for babies each day.

We have a warm loving and nurturing space that gives the babies lots of opportunities to explore using their hands, feet and mouths. The equipment has been carefully selected to promote each child’s development.

Each child gets provided with a daily diary so we can keep in contact with you. The diaries detail exactly how your little ones have been spending their day along with any bottles, foods, naps and nappy changes they have had. The babies follow the main nursery menu which can be pureed down as required.

Darling Buds Nursery Buttercups 6 Weeks - 12 Months
Darling Buds Nursery Buttercups 6 Weeks - 12 Months