Child Collection

Darling Buds Nursery Child Collection

At Darling Buds Nursery, the safety of your child is of the utmost importance to us. No child will be allowed to leave the Nursery with an unauthorised person unless prior verbal or written consent has been given to a member of staff by the parent or carer. In this instance, a description and/or code word will also be required for the nominated adult. No child will be handed over to anyone other than the known parent or carer unless an agreement has been made at the time of arrival. If in doubt, we will check the person’s identity by calling the parent/carer or the emergency contact number provided.

Please note that we will not allow anyone under 18 years of age to collect a child from the Nursery. In the event of an emergency e.g. If a child cannot be collected at the end of a session – the Parent or Carer must contact the Nursery to inform a member of staff and to give a description of the person collecting the child/children. This person will also need to know the child’s code name, before they will be allowed into the Nursery.