Darling buds give a welcoming and engaging environment where our child has been able to explore new things and build upon the subjects he learns at home. It also has allowed him to engage in play with many different people which has encouraged his speaking and playing further.  The staff are always welcoming and helpful and greet the children by name every single day.

Andrew (April 2020)

My little girl has been attending Darling Buds since she was just over 4 months old. Over the years she has become quite the chatterbox and doesn’t stop talking about all of the fun she has at nursery every day – from a huge variety of arts and crafts, cooking, dancing and building obstacle courses in the garden! She’s made great friends and the whole team are genuinely fabulous – I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! 

Rachael (April 2020)

My son Joseff started at Darling Buds when he was 7 months old. The staff were brilliant and put me at ease straight away, suggesting that I could give them a ring during the day to see how he was settling in if I wanted to. They are very good at understanding how hard it can be in the early days to leave your child. Joseff spends two days a week at Darling Buds, and he has thrived whilst there. He is now 3 and is a confident, happy boy who absolutely loves going to nursery. He has made friends there and has had a good relationship with the staff in each room that he has been in. We definitely noticed his development come along leaps and bounds since he started going to nursery, and I have always felt confident that he is safe and well looked after whilst he is there. I highly recommend Darling Buds as a safe and nurturing place for your children to grow. 

Joanne (April 2020)

I’ll keep this short, The nursery is of the highest quality, facilities are fantastic but what makes it is the staff.  They are all so friendly and genuinely care for the children and the family as a whole.  My wife and I feel very lucky to have found Darling Buds.  My son has been attending since he was 6 months old and he is so excited every time he reaches the nursery door.  Mandy and the team at buttercups are excellent and so considerate.  I could not recommend more highly. 

Phillip and Carys (April 2020)

My daughter and son both go to Darling buds, my daughter went until reception school then came back for after school club and my son goes after nursery one day a week. Darling buds have adapted to what I need for care for my children and I can honestly say they have lovely staff who have become our families not just our child minder! 

Thank you Inaayah and Hussain x (April 2020)

Both my daughters have absolutely loved their time at Darling Buds. They have both developed into outgoing, adaptable and inquisitive young girls, and I know Darling Buds had a huge influence on that development. It is like a home from home, everyone is welcoming and so friendly. I would highly recommend them as an excellent childcare provider.

Jemma (April 2020)

Dylan has been attending Darling Buds since the beginning of 2019 when he was one. We have been so happy with the care and support that has been offered. Dylan has been making fantastic progress since joining. It has been fantastic to have him beaming with joy when we collecting him saying he had a ‘lovely time with friends’. The staff have been wonderful and even during the Covid-19 lockdown, we have had phone calls from the staff to see how Dylan is (which he was delighted with!). As parents we highly recommend Darling Buds as Dylan has flourished. We love reading his diary to see how his day went and communication between parents and staff is fantastic. 

Cari and Paul, parents of Dylan. (April 2020)

What can I say really?

The last seven years have gone by so fast and you have become such a big part of our lives for all of those seven years. I know the boys will continue to come to after school club but it still feels like the end of an era at the risk of sounding cheesy. So i guess all we can say is thank you. Thank you for loving our boys and giving them all the cuddles, comfort and care in our absence. Thank you for making their days fun and full when we were unable. Thank you for always being patient and understanding despite all of mum’s neurosis. Thank you for always being here when we needed you and for always adapting to the changes in our lives and therefore our needs without complaint or hesitation. Thank you for playing a part, a huge part in helping our babies become the little boys they have grown into.

Just thank you

With love and gratitude Beth, John, John and Freddie xxx (Aug 2017)

A year that has passed since I started at your nursery, I have learnt so much and I became a little girl so fast! Mummy is teaching me that we have to be grateful, so i want to tell you that i love you all very much and i really appreciate your daily effort on helping and supporting my mummy to raise me! Some people will say that you only do your job, but me and mummy know that its not only what you do, but the way you do it, So i will say Thank you very much

Lots of love Yasmin (Daisies Group) April 2017

Darling Buds Nursery, spending time in your nursery has taught me a lot, I want to go on learning and never stop. Thank you everyone for all you have done, in our time together we sure had fun. You have brought out in me the very best, but now its up to me to do the rest. One things for sure above all the rest, having you as my nursery has been the very best!!!

Lots of love Eliyas xxx (Darling Buds Nursery child) April 2017

A great and safe place for your children. Staff are amazing we love them! My son went there at the age of seven months and was there until he started school this September. I have no words to thank them for the great job done.

Cristina Miron (Oct 2016)

Always taken good care of my little one, am pleased with how wonderful all the staff are. Highly recommended.

Clairde Fos (Oct 2016)

Both my children have attended Darling Buds Nursery. Every single member of staff go above and beyond for the children and i always highly recommend this nursery. A great team who truly do an amazing job.

Hannah Allsopp (Oct 2016)

Darling Buds is really an amazing nursery, my son went there from the age of nine months to three years old and its absolutely amazing. The owner is the most loveliest lady!

Ayaan Ismail (Oct 2016)

An amazing place, totally recommended…. Darling Buds, found them to be great with my son and helped me with weening and potty training

Deepa Singh (Oct 2016)

Ellis has just finished to go to ‘big’ school after 19 months at Darling Buds, he come on leaps and bounds, thank you to all the staff who do an amazing job.

Hayley Pelley (Sept 2016)

Just want to tank all the staff at Darling Buds Nursery for your exceptional care of Joshua for the past three years, he has loved every minute and we will miss you all so much xxx

Jessica Law (Sept 2016)

When we first visited Darling Buds the thing that impressed us most was how every member of staff seemed to really know each child. We wanted a nursery environment where our little boys individual personality and abilities could develop at his own pace, and seeing how happy the children (and staff) were was the deciding factor for us. Our son enjoys every session at nursery and we are always confident that he’s receiving excellent care. We’re so pleased we choose Darling Buds and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Lisa Burke

Going back to work after having my son was a scary affair but Darling Buds staff really helped make the process a whole lot easier. The care provided to my son, Oliver, has been fantastic. Oliver knows all the staff and they all know him. Its a really warm and nurturing environment. Oliver has blossomed over the years there, soaking up all the knowledge provided to him provided to him through the staff’s innovative play and interaction. His interests have been stimulated and stretched by fun group activities and one to one sessions, boosting his confidence, bringing out his personality and broadening his knowledge of the big wide world.

Ruth Parness

Annyl Darling Buds
We are still a bit emotional after our last day at our boys ‘other home.’ We cannot speak highly enough of your professionalism, care and love for our children and we will always be very grateful for all your efforts. Please pass on our gratitude to all your staff including the ones we did not see today and we wish you all the very best for the future.
You are without doubt the pride of Butetown.
Diolch yn fawr
Oddi wrth Anna, Ian, Mabon, Llywelyn and Iestyn

Ian Titherington

Dear Darling Buds
Its been over eight years since the first Titherington boy started in Darling Buds. Mabon is now a strapping almost nine year old, Llew is a sturdy six year old and Iestyn a chatty four year old joker.
They all had a marvellous time with you in Darling Buds. I asked them this morning what they liked best about the place “Everything!” they said (but especially the vegetable soup.)
We’re grateful to you for your great care for our boys. They are bigger better boys because of you
Good luck and thanks to you all as the Brychan-Titheringtons knock on the big red door for the last time.
Diolch yn fawr!
Anna, Ian, Mabon, Llew and Iestyn xxxxxxx

Anna Brychan

My son Dylan has attended Darling Buds Nursery for sixteen months, and during this time I have seen great changes in Dylan’s confidence and behavior.
With help from Mariah and all the nursery assistant’s, Dylan has been encouraged to learn while incorporating a fun element.
I feel my sone is very advanced for his age in all respects, and has also started to learn Welsh.
Darling Buds has a great reputation from parents that have sent their children to the nursery, and I am really happy that I chose this nursery for my son.
Dylan has grown and achieved in all areas of the safe and friendly environment of Darling Buds.

Sian Steggles