Daisies (12 – 18 months)

Darling Buds Nursery Daisies 12 Months - 16 Months

The Daisies are located on the first floor and caters for 12 mobile babies aged 12 – 18 months. The room is divided into 2 playrooms which includes a wet/messy area and a carpet for activities and a quiet, relaxing sleep area where we provide low level sleep mats and clean fresh bedding for the children each day.

As children become more mobile, new opportunities arise for them to exercise and explore. At Darling Buds, we provide plenty of age appropriate resources to help children develop their curiosity, co-ordination and further develop their physical abilities.

During these crucial developmental years, children start to learn the beginnings of self-control and how to relate to other people. We understand that it’s vitally important that children are encouraged to develop their social and cognitive skills and our highly experienced staff will build on these communication skills so each child not only begins to develop a sense of self, but also becomes more able to express their feelings and needs.

Alongside non-verbal communication, children learn a few simple words for everyday things and people. With encouragement and plenty of interaction with carers, a child’s communication skills grow and their vocabulary expands very rapidly during this stage of their development.

Exploration and simple independence builds a sense of self-confidence, also provides valuable learning experiences about boundaries and how to handle frustration.
Playing with toys that come apart and fit together encourages problem solving and simple planning, while imaginative play helps children learn about a range of possibilities. At this stage of development, adults are an important source of security and comfort.

Darling Buds Nursery Daisies 12 Months - 16 Months
Darling Buds Nursery Daisies 12 Months - 16 Months